Welcome to my list of resources. This is just about everything that I am using, have used, or would recommend to anyone I think would get value out of it (that means you).

I tried to split these up into categories, because not everyone will need a solution for everything.

And for full disclosure, most of (probably all) the links on this page are affiliate links, which means if you choose to purchase any product or service using the links below, I will receive some form of compensation from that company for referring you. The price you pay doesn’t change whether you use my link or not (unless using my link will give you a discount in which case I will make a note of it).

Web Hosting


This website is using SiteGround hosting, and I must say I’ve been pretty impressed with the performance of the hosting and the customer support. I moved all of my websites over to this host and it has been well worth it for getting more features for about the same price I was paying. I plan on doing a full in-depth review, but for now you can read this post to see an explanation of the criteria I used to choose a hosting provider.

WordPress Theme

Having been a web developer for a handful of years with a degree in Computer Science, I tend to look a lot deeper into things like themes beyond just whether or not they look good. Page speed is more important, not only to Google, but for converting visitors into customers by providing them a user friendly experience. This means not making them wait for your page to load.

Themes that are sold on websites by individual creators (or sometimes companies) often contain A LOT of bloated code because they try to be everything to everyone. Everything is done using shortcodes and if you switch your theme, you’re left with a mess of shortcode text that doesn’t mean anything anymore.

Astra is bare bones and lightweight (think “FAST”). It starts you off with the basic essentials you need and stays out of your way. The reason it does this is because it was designed specifically to work with the major page builder plugins like Elementor and Beaver Builder. Astra combined with a page builder plugin is a match made in heaven. You’re only limited by your imagination.

Page Builder


I have been really impressed with how fast this plugin has grown and matured in such a short manner of time, yet the quality has remained. This is my go to plugin for building websites. I don’t even mess around with trying to find a beautiful looking theme anymore. I use Astra (see above), install Elementor, and I’m good to go and build whatever I want. Best of all, this plugin is free. There is a pro version that gives access to more features (like theme building), but if you’re starting out the free version should be fine.

Email Service Provider


The days of having an autoresponder send out a series of messages after a person has opted into your email list are gone. Sending out a broadcast email to your entire list is so 2005 (the stone age of the internet). This is the modern age of email, where subscribers to your list want a personalized experience based on their interests and behaviors.

This is where Drip comes in. It focuses on marketing automation using workflows based off the persons behavior, allowing them to choose their own adventure. It can take the information you have about a lead/customer (like a lightweight customer relationship management (CRM) software) and automatically send an email relevant to that person.


DotCom Secrets (Free book…just pay for shipping) — I like to call this the cliff notes version of all the marketing I’ve learned over the years. I’ve spent thousands of dollars (literally) on courses to learn what Russell put in this free book. Granted, the courses went into far greater detail but you can take what’s in this book, combined with actually taking action, and build a profitable business. No analysis paralysis here. Building a business isn’t easy but this will give you a framework to start.

Expert Secrets (Free book…just pay for shipping) — Do you have specialized knowledge, talents, or abilities that can help certain people get from where they are to where they want to be? Then consider yourself an expert. And if you want to share your knowledge and message with others, build an audience, and change lives, then you should read this book. Expert Secrets covers how you can leverage information to either sell information products as your main business or add information products to grow an existing business.

Start With Why — Why are some organizations more influential than others? Even though some brands are big and successful, they don’t have a loyal following of diehard fans that are willing to lineup days in advance for a new product. Start With Why takes a look at why people with very limited resources are able to create a movement and surpass those who started with virtually unlimited resources.

The Dan Sullivan Question — This is a must read for anyone who is in a service based business that requires them to work with their clients for extended periods of time (weeks, months, or even years). Understanding and utilizing this question will not only set you apart from your competition but it will allow you to get to the deeper wants and desires of your prospect, making it easier for you to lay out a plan that guarantees their satisfaction.